The Garden - ~Take your time~

藤本圭紀 オリジナル創作フィギュア ~Take your time~

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キノコの下で雨宿りする、ふくれっ面の女の子。どこかへ行こうとしていたのに、あいにくの雨模様でご機嫌ななめの様子。いっぽう、隣に腰かけたカエルはどこ吹く風。今にも「ゆっくりしていきなよ(Take your time)」という声が聞こえてきそうです。 In the cover a mushroom gives her from the rain, sits a girl with a frown on her face.  She was on her way somewhere, but unfortunately, she got caught in the rain and is quite upset about it.  Beside her sits a carefree frog.  In this moment, it seems as if you can almost hear him say, “Take your time”.

The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time
The Garden - Take your time

Amazing Artist Collection+ The Garden ~Take your time~ Sculpted by Yoshiki Fujimoto

  • 参考価格:55,000円(税込)
  • 発売予定:2023年5月
  • 全高:約29cm
  • 塗装済み完成品スタチュー
  • 材質:ポリストーン, PVC(顔のみ)
  • アーティスト:藤本圭紀
  • 企画・制作・発売:豆魚雷
  • PRICE:55,000JPY
  • RELEASE:May/ 2023
  • Height:approx.11.3inch
  • Pre-Painted Statue
  • Material:Polystone, PVC
  • Artist:Yoshiki Fujimoto
  • Produced and Manufactured by MAMEGYORAI


Mamegyorai presents the pre-painted statue by famous artist Yoshiki Fujimoto,
which was sensationally received at its debut during the Wonder Festival 2021 Winter.

夢のなかで手にしたブリキのジョウロ──その注ぎ先を探して夢をさまよう女の子を描くシリーズ『The Garden』。この『Take your time』は、藤本圭紀氏オリジナルのストーリーが展開されるシリーズ三作目となります。

A tin watering can found in a dream.
“The Garden” is the story of a girl wandering a dream world, trying to figure out how she can use the watering can.
“Take your time” is the third part of Yoshiki Fujimoto’s original story series.


Rarely are girls portrayed with frowns on their face, but Mr. Fujimoto’s depiction is nothing less than charming.
His unique portrayal of a fantasy world with realistic modeling helps the observer feel the weight of the girl’s soft hair, the draping of the loose cardigan, its knit, and the texture of the frog’s leather jacket. Each part of this sculpture is perfectly placed to make it breathtaking from any angle.


While this is a polystone statue with a sense of luxury, PVC was used for the girl's face to more realistically express the skin texture and transparency.



Rarely are girls portrayed with frowns on their face, but Mr. Fujimoto’s depiction is nothing less than charming.



The weight of soft hair, the loose sagging of the cardigan and the texture of the knit. All are full of eye pleasing detail.



The rain boots add another bit of realism to the situation of sheltering from the rain, as well as an accent to the outfit. As with her frowning face, it is a motif rarely seen in figure modeling, but is beautifully implemented.



The frog sitting along side her with a zany expression looks lifelike, even though this is just fantasy. His fashionable leather jacket and pinstriped pants make him quite humorous.



Considering the skill and excellent composition giving 360-degree eye appeal based around the stalks of the mushrooms, this statue can be regarded as a masterpiece from any angle. The color scheme also encapsulates the fantasy world and is another feast for the eyes.



On the pedestal, which is modeled after a planter, several kinds of plants grow, while the white tin watering can that is the key to the story, rests on the side. The tale is told and expanded in each carefully sculpted item.


藤本圭紀Yoshiki Fujimoto


1983年生。大阪市出身。大阪芸術大学彫刻科の在学中より、本格的に造形活動をスタート。卒業後、商業原型師として株式会社エムアイシーへ入社。2012年から創作フィギュアの制作を開始する。2015年、豆魚雷の主催するAmazing Artist Collection第三弾に選出。2017年よりフリーランスとして活動。商業フィギュア原型と創作フィギュアの制作を中心に、キャラクターデザインや映像作品への参加など多方面で活躍中。

Born in Osaka City in 1983. While a student at the Sculpture Department of Osaka University of Arts, he began his sculpting activities in earnest. After graduation, joined M.I.C. Inc. as a commercial figure sculptor. He began creating original figures in 2012. In 2015, he was selected for the third Amazing Artist Collection organized by Mamegyorai. He has been working as a freelancer since 2017. He is active in many fields, mainly producing commercial figure sculpts and original figures, as well as participating in character design and film productions.


私が展開している創作フィギュアのシリーズ、「The Garden」の物語の一場面です。

A girl taking shelter under a mushroom. This is the image that sparked the production of this sculpture.
This is a scene from the story “The Garden”, a series of original figures that I am developing.


With a watering can in her hands, a girl awakens into a world filled with mysterious creatures, and begins her journey to find the can’s use and purpose.
On the way, she is forced to stop by sudden rain.
Her frustration grows as she is slowed down in her search for answers.


Mr. Frog, her traveling companion, however, says, “Well… Take your time”.
Maybe Mr. Frog is another reason for her exasperation.


The expression and gestures of the girl, Mr. Frog's whimsical atmosphere, the curve of the mushroom stalks, the angle of the caps, the decoration of the pedestal, and the composition as a three-dimensional work were all very difficult to put together for me. I felt an equal mix of fear, anxiety, and impatience as I wondered if I would be able to complete it at all.


Nevertheless, my motto is, “Face your work with sincerity”, so I never compromise, and I always pour all my skill and experience into what I’m working on. So, I think I have completed this work to the absolute best of my ability.

Take your time・・・完成した作品を眺めていると、そんな自分自身へのメッセージでもあるような気がしてなりません。

Production is a struggle with yourself. If work isn’t going well, it can be easy to spiral into desperation.
When I look at the completed work of “Take Your Time”, I can't help but feel that it is also a message to myself.


This version is being released as a pre-painted statue.
It is my greatest pleasure as a sculpture artist to be able to release this as a finished product


Sometimes it’s good to stop and pay attention to things you don’t normally notice, like the sound of the rain.
I hope this piece can help stir-up that kind of feeling. That’s how I feel about it.


藤本圭紀 オリジナル創作フィギュア Take your time

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The Garden - Take your time