It feels like a dream that the renowned sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto, known for his work on "Alien" and other remarkable works, took on Tomie!
Mr. Fujimoto has brilliantly reproduced not only Tomie's appearance, boasting 'I am the most beautiful in the world,' but also her inner essence. It's truly remarkable.
Junji Ito

"Tomie," the debut and magnum opus of horror manga virtuoso Junji Ito,
has continued to captivate audiences worldwide since its initial appearance in 1986.
Now, she emerges in the form of a statue.
Under the meticulous supervision of Junji Ito himself,
sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto has undertaken the prototype and color sample production.
Both artists being fans of eachothers's work,
a dream collaboration has come to fruition.

Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
富江-tomie- illust hunji-ito

Junji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto
TOMIE Collaboration Statue

  • Price:37,400JPY
  • Release:May, 2025
  • Height:approx. 10.6 inch
  • Material:PVC, ABS
  • Supervision:Junji Ito
  • Sculpt, Master model Paint:Yoshiki Fujimoto
  • Produced and Manufactured by MAMEGYORAI

With graceful, white arms, legs, and fingers stretching elegantly, down to each meticulously crafted nail and tip of the claw, Tomie exudes a calculated beauty. Confidently striding forward, with a gesture of sweeping back her long hair, she emits an aura that mesmerizes all who behold her.

Not only does Fujimoto excel in sculpting, but his skillful coloring is also a highlight. The subtle blush of color on her cheeks, fingertips, and delicate skin hints at a seductive allure.

Beneath her feet lies a stark contrast: other incarnations of Tomie, obscured by flesh and black hair. Among them, a blood-soaked Tomie gazes with a resentful glare at the elegant Tomie gracefully treading upon her. Is she plotting revenge, or assassination? The dramatic base suggests the anticipation of a new tragedy.

Junji Ito


Born on July 31, 1963, in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a dental technician school and found employment. However, spurred by the establishment of the "Kazuo Umezu Award" in the Monthly Halloween magazine (Asahi Sonorama), he submitted his work with the single-minded desire for it to be read by Kazuo Umezu.
In 1986, his submission "Tomie" received an honorable mention, marking this his debut work and becoming a representative piece. Three years later, he left his job as a dental technician to focus on his career as a manga artist. He went on to create masterpieces such as the "The Town Without Streets," "The Hanging Balloons," and "Souichi" series, as well as "Lovesickness" In 1998, he began serializing "Uzumaki" in Weekly Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan). He continued to produce unique works like "Gyo" and "The Enigma of Amigara Fault."
Starting with the English version of "Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection Vol. 10: Frankenstein," which won the "Best Adaptation from Another Medium" US Eisner Award in 2019, he went on to win the award in two categories in 2021 and then again in 2022, achieving the remarkable feat of winning a total of four times. In 2023, he received the "Special Jury Prize" at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, and also received the "Inkpot Award" at the San Diego Comic-Con in the United States, garnering high praise not only in Japan but also overseas.
In 2024, his first large-scale original artwork exhibition will be held at the Setagaya Literary Museum in Tokyo (April 27th to September 1st), with plans for a nationwide tour thereafter.

Yoshiki Fujimoto


Born in Osaka City in 1983 and currently residing in Chiba Prefecture, Yoshiki Fujimoto embarked on his journey into sculpting during his enrollment in the Sculpture Department at Osaka University of Arts. Upon graduation, he joined the company M.I.C. Corp. as a commercial prototype artist, where he began his professional career.
In 2012, he initiated his venture into creating original figures. His talent was recognized when he was selected for the "Amazing Artist Collection Vol. 3," hosted by Mamegyorai in 2015. Transitioning to freelance work in 2017, he has since been actively involved in various projects, specializing in both commercial figure prototypes and original figure creations. His contributions extend to character design and sculpting participation in the film "Shin Kamen Rider (2023)."
Yoshiki Fujimoto's original figure collection, titled "BLINK," is currently available from Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


InterviewJunji Ito

Could you please tell us about the background behind the creation of the work 'Tomie'?

ItoWhen I was in my third year of junior high school, a classmate of mine suddenly passed away in a traffic accident. It was the first time I had experienced something like that, so it was very shocking and unbelievable. I had this kind of illusionary feeling like, "Maybe they'll still appear in front of me as if nothing happened." That's what sparked the initial idea of wanting to express these strange sensations in manga.

Also, I had a strong desire to depict my interpertation of feminine beauty. While looking at women's faces in fashion magazines, I had this motivation inside of me to want to draw the "ultimate" beautiful face. From there, I started to think about what kind of story I should create and began developing the plot.

What specific aspects of beauty do you focus on when actually drawing Tomie?

ItoIf I were to pinpoint, I consciously focus on the power of the eyes, paying attention to the shape of the eyes and eyelids, and I have my own particularities when drawing them.

That being said, rather than a specific part, I prioritize the overall balance, such as the positioning relationship between the eyes and nose. I also consider the placement and size of moles while contemplating my own balance.

It's like searching for the "golden ratio" within myself, placing each part based on where the eyes are, where the nose is, how the mouth is shaped, and how the overall contour looks.

Junji Ito×Yoshiki Fujimoto

Please tell us about the background of the project "Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue."

ItoSince the decision to hold the upcoming exhibition "JUNJI ITO EXHIBITION ENCHANTMENT," various plans have been formulated. Among them, the idea of having sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto create a figure of Tomie was proposed by the organizers at Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc. I have long been familiar with Mr. Fujimoto's name, particularly due to his magnificent figures of "Alien." So, when I heard the dreamlike proposal of having Mr. Fujimoto create a figure of my Tomie, I was extremely delighted. I eagerly agreed to the proposal, and thus, the project began.

During the supervision of the figure's design, I assume there were numerous exchanges. What are your thoughts on the finished product?

ItoI wasn't worried at all about Mr. Fujimoto creating the figure. Upon seeing the finished product, I was truly impressed beyond my expectations. I believe it has facial features that adhere to the golden ratio. The style is also excellent, and the dynamic posing is flawless. When I saw the sculpture, I hardly had anything to say (laughs).

Tomie is a character who only acknowledges herself as an individual and cannot tolerate the existence of other Tomies created from her fragmented pieces. So, the pose of this figure, where she elegantly walks while stepping on other Tomies, really represents the essence of Tomie. The Tomie being trampled below look like they might be plotting revenge in the future, which evokes deeper dramatic elements to this piece.

Junji Ito×Yoshiki Fujimoto

What are your thoughts about Tomie coming to life as a three-dimensional art piece like this?

ItoMr. Fujimoto's aesthetic sense, keen eye, and sculpting skills were evident from his previous works, such as the "Alien" figures and statues he created. With this Tomie figure, I have the impression of seeing the "definitive version," akin to when I saw his "Alien" figures and statues. It feels like seeing the "Perfect Tomie."

Even when I saw the painted version, it had a different kind of beauty from the grayscale sculpt, standing out as a captivating figure. Having it in hand, I expect to gain new inspiration for future Tomie creations and manga writing.

Tomie is a character who describes herself as "The most beautiful being in the world," and I once drew an essay manga about how dissatisfied she is with the Tomie I draw (laughs). But I think Mr. Fujimoto's Tomie would receive high praise even from Tomie herself.

Tomie Statue of Junji Itos colored version

At Junji Ito Exhibition Enchantment
Tomie Statue of "Junji Ito's colored version" will be exhibited!

The Tomie Collaboration statue painted by Junji Ito himself, will be on display at the "Junji Ito Exhibition Enchantment" to be held at the Setagaya Literature Museum from April 27th (Sat) to September 1st (Sun), 2024. Don't miss the one and only Tomie statue in the world, colored by Junji Ito.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the official website or the official X(formerly Twitter)

InterviewYoshiki Fujimoto

Please tell us about your process of involvement in the "Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue" project.

FujimotoI received a request from Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc. to create a figure of Tomie for Junji Ito's large-scale solo exhibition. Being a huge fan of Mr. Ito's world and characters, I was eager to take on this project.

Simultaneously, Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc. had been discussing productizing "Tomie" with Mamegyorai. From there, naturally, Mr. Harada from Mamegyorai took on the role of producer and director, while I was responsible for sculpting and coloring the statue. Mr. Harada and I have been working together for over a decade, having worked on producing high-quality figures together multiple times. Moreover, Mr. Harada is also a huge fan of Mr. Ito, which contributed to the formal start of this project.

How have you previously perceived Mr. Ito's worldview and his works?

FujimotoFirstly, I was impressed by the incredible creativity and imagery that Mr. Ito possesses, which I feel is beyond what I could conceive myself. While there is certainly a sense of fear and eccentricity in his works, what struck me the most was their remarkable elegance and beauty.

Additionally, when I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ito in person, I was struck by his wonderful personality, his kindness, and his deep modesty. Therefore, despite being horror manga, I believe that Mr. Ito's delicate lines and the refined essence at the core of his works truly shine through.

I also felt a bit presumptuous, but I felt a sense of affinity towards him (laughs). Especially in his portrayal of women, their expressions, and his depiction of profiles and smiles, I found myself drawn to them. It's as if he has a meticulous sense of beauty. I feel a strong sense of connection with his aesthetic sensibilities.

What principles guide your approach as a sculptor and prototype artist?

Fujimoto I create my pieces with the hope that viewers will expand their imaginations and enjoy pondering questions like "What kind of object is this character holding?" or "What sort of person wears these clothes?" It's about allowing people to explore various possibilities based on their interpretations.

Also, I pay close attention to expressions and eye contact because I believe that's where a lot of a figure's charm comes from. I strive to convey a sense of readiness to engage in conversation or to convey something through their gaze.

When it comes to reproducing characters from the original work, it's a completely different experience from creating my own original pieces. Sculpting characters from existing works is like a collaborative process where I'm extracting elements that I wouldn't have come up with on my own. So, working on the figure of Tomie and receiving feedback from Mr. Ito was enlightening. I discovered new perspectives and learned valuable techniques during the process.

Junji Ito×Yoshiki Fujimoto

How was the visual design of Tomie decided for this project?

FujimotoTomie's expression, facial features, and artistic style have evolved over time. However, our primary goal was to capture the "collective image of Tomie as imagined by fans" without being confined to any specific period.

We distinctly separated the grotesque elements, such as the regenerating flesh and hair, into the base, while portraying Tomie standing above beautifully and alluringly to create a comprehensive representation of the artwork's world.
I had the opportunity to receive direct feedback from Mr. Ito, particularly regarding the profile line, neck positioning, and posture. I believe these precise insights contributed to making Tomie even better. Mr. Ito's emphasis on the human body's structure and lines left a strong impression on me. Since I also prioritize such aspects, I found his feedback very stimulating and was delighted to receive it.

When it came to the flowing hair, my natural inclination tends to create a more unruly appearance. However, through discussions with the team at Mamegyorai, we worked on achieving the "restrained beauty" depicted by Mr. Ito, focusing on elegant hair flow. These discussions led to realizations that enhanced the character's essence.

Junji Ito×Yoshiki Fujimoto

Please tell us some of the specific aspects you focused on for this project.

Fujimoto I was mindful not to overcomplicate the upper part of the sculpture. Since the costume's design isn't overly intricate, I emphasized contrast by making darker areas darker and lighter areas lighter through careful coloration, thereby enhancing the sense of three-dimensionality. On the other hand, I aimed for the base to be noticeably and provocatively eerie, almost surprising the people that see the piece.

Additionally, even though it's a stationary figurine, I worked to infuse it with a sense of liveliness, allowing viewers to imagine its movements before and after. While the poses aren't flashy, I made sure they conveyed a sense of movement and presence. Although I'm always mindful of these elements, I took extra care with them this time.

Finally, is there anything specific you'd like fans to pay attention to?

Fujimoto If I could convey the world-building, atmosphere, delicacy, horror, and beauty that Mr. Ito created in "Tomie" through my sculptures, it would be immensely satisfying.

I hope people can feel like "Tomie is on the desk," even just a little. That would bring me great joy.

Junji Ito×Yoshiki Fujimoto
【Archipel】Junji Ito and Yoshiki Fujimoto | TOMIE renaissance
Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue. Junji Ito x Yoshiki Fujimoto / Tomie Collaboration Statue.
Junji Ito × Yoshiki Fujimoto TOMIE Collaboration Statue
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